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New Schedule for Challenger Baseball – 2016

Week 1 Field 1 Rockies VS Chukars Field 2 Mustangs VS Bewers Field 3 Raptors VS Osprey’s Field 4 Owls VS Voyagers Week 2 Field 1 Mustangs VS Chukars Field 2 Raptors VS Rockies Field 3 Owlz VS Brewers Field 4 Osprey’s VS Voyagers Week 3 Field 1 Raptors VS Chukars Field 2 Mustangs VS Owlz Field 3 Voyagers VS Rockies Field 4 Osprey’s VS Brewers Week 4 Field 1 Owls VS Chukars Field 2 Voyagers VS Raptors Field 3 Mustangs VS Osprey’s Field 4 Brewers VS Rockies Week 5 Field 1 Voyagers VS Chukars Field 2 Osprey’s VS Owlz Field 3 Raptors VS Brewers Field 4 Rockies VS Mustangs Week 6 Field 1 Oprey’s VS Chukars Field 2 Voyagers VS Brewers Field 3 Rockies VS Owls Field 4 Mustangs VS Raptors