Challenger Baseball

Grand Junction, CO

Challenger Baseball is a division of Little League located in Grand Junction, CO that provides the opportunity of baseball to kids with disabilities. 


"As someone who has a passion for sports and exercise, I know the value an active lifestyle can play on wellbeing. Challenger provided the perfect way for me to use my passion to give back and provided the opportunity for kids with disabilities to become more connected to sports and experience the freedom of movement and exercise. It was amazing to see the kids connect with sports in a way that made them feel confident, included, and energized! It was an awesome feeling knowing that I helped make the kids’ days a little better just by playing a round of baseball with them. It was fun for both me and the kids, and it’s even more rewarding seeing them leave with a smile on their faces".

Abby Oglesby

CMU Cross Country


Thank you for helping us make a difference!